Altair ATC Paris 2018

When: October 16th – October 18th, 2018

Paris, France

Elaphe held a keynote at the 2018 European edition of the Altair Technology conference. As a trusted Altair partner, we are developing key inhouse tools to better our products and create market-leading technology and innovative solutions. Elaphe will be on-site presenting the latest and greatest developments for the exciting future with in-wheel technology.

If you were there, we hope you used the opportunity to talk to our FEM experts, presenting at the conference in two separate tracks.
Design for the future of eMobility: Thermal Simulation of the In-Wheel Electric Motor

EM Design: Electro-magnetic and Acoustic Analysis of the in-wheel electric motor.

About Altair Technology Conference

The 2018 Global Altair Technology Conference represents the 10th time the conference has been held in Europe, bringing together companies from around the world that have benefited significantly by integrating the latest simulation, digital design, IoT and cloud computing technologies into their product development processes.

Through thought-provoking keynote speakers, informative technical case studies and educational industry seminars, the ATC will reveal how companies are achieving business goals and delivering innovative, world class products in shortened timescales. Join us this October in Paris and experience for yourself how a Simulation-Driven Innovation approach can transform your next project.


To learn more about the event: Click HERE.