The highly anticipated third edition of the Connected Mobility Conference Shanghai will return as a larger and more comprehensive platform for open discussions surrounding digital disruptions to the mobility industry.

When: November 29th, 2018

Where: Sofitel Shanghai Hongqiao Hotel, Shanghai, China

We are happy to participate as speakers and delegates! Why:

China’s unique urban transportation challenges, high rate of adoption of mobile internet services, and rapid and aggressive introduction of alternative mobility solutions have combined to make the country a fertile ground for mobility innovation.

  • The automotive industry’s business model is experiencing disruption. Mobility needs, previously satisfied through vehicle ownership, are increasingly being served through mobility services with profound implications not only for traditional businesses within the value chain, but also for new entrants.
  • It requires a complete rethinking of the way to deliver value to the market. Automotive industry players should widen their focus from the product (the automobile) to the utility derived from the product (“automobility”). Transportation innovation has throughout history helped improve human experiences, and China’s “Automobility” revolution is a disruptive force that will transform the mobility experience not only within China but also in the rest of the world.
  • China’s internet giants (including Tencent, Alibaba, and Baidu) are actively investing and transforming hardware into an intelligent platform for a wide variety of online and offline services with the help of technology companies such as Elaphe. Ownership is no longer required in order to access personal mobility, and Chinese internet companies are actively investing in future mobility technologies (including connected, electric and autonomous vehicles).
  • In this new digitally-enabled business model, Chinese companies are leading the mobility revolution. Chinese companies are creating digitally-enabled mobility solutions that shift the focus from selling product hardware (the “automobile”) to providing access to the utility derived from the hardware (“automobility”).

Connected Mobility Conference Shanghai 2018 will be held at Sofitel Shanghai Hongqiao Hotel, in Shanghai, China, on November 29th, 2018.

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About mag. Gorazd Lampic
CEO & Co-founder, Elaphe Propulsion Technologies Ltd.

Gorazd Lampič is the CEO and co-founder of Elaphe Propulsion Technologies Ltd, a company which has innovated, developed, produced and tested in-wheel motors for passenger cars and other EVs.

In 2017 Gorazd was awarded with the title of Young Manager of the year for the success of Elaphe Propulsion Technologies Ltd. In the past he was also a national champion in mathematics. He completed the faculty for physics with a thesis on the active galactic nuclei with the use of the Hubble space telescope spectroscopy data. Due to vast interest in electric vehicles, Gorazd then enrolled to a post graduate interdisciplinary study of electric vehicles at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

Gorazd started to work on in-wheel motors in 2003, co-founded Elaphe in 2006 and took the position of CEO, managing the company’s strategic goals, business decisions, HR policy and IPR development. Under his leadership, Elaphe established itself in the competitive international market and is aspiring to be one of the leading global players in the electrification of the advanced EVs for automotive market.