1st EU-China Tech Scale-up Summit 2018 – by TechTour

When: 17. – 19. May, 2018

Chengdu, China (B1 Floor Yunduan Theatre and Business & Innovation Centre for China-Europe Cooperation (CCEC), 1577 Tianfu Avenue)


  • Elaphe aims to support the most innovative and fast-scaling entrepreneurial automotive and mobility companies in the world.  By continually challenging themselves to answer the “what is next?” question, the overwhelming consensus answer is to explore new high-potential markets like China, the market that is rapidly transforming the business of mobility in the world’s largest automotive market.
  • This event represents an opportunity to share Elaphe’s vision of how in-wheel motor technology enables the future of mobility.

To learn more about the EU-China Tech Scale-Up Summit: Click HERE

TechTour organizes 1st EU-China tech Scale-up Summit in the Sichuan province

Following TechTour’s values to support the most innovative and fast-scaling entrepreneurs, they constantly strive for a glimpse at what’c coming next. So they went to the best tech scale-up companies in Europe along side the International Venture club, and asked us “What is next for us?”. And the definitive answer was – new high-potential markets.

With a population of more than twice that of Europe and a highly competitive region, striving for excellence and innovation, China is the fastest growing economy with multi-billlion-dollar companies taking the worldwide leading positions in their sector.

Tech Tour, together with EUPIC aims build a bridge between Europe and China for already successful European companies ready to step into the Chinese Market and meet with Corporate partners interested in doing business with the EU Tech Scale-ups, VCs, Key players, and clusters.