Event date: 12.-13. June 2019

Location: Les Pyramides, 16 Avenue de Saint-Germain, 78560 Le Port- Marly, Paris, France (Altair Booth N°6)

Since 1927, the French Society of Automotive Engineers (SIA) brings together all the specialists and enthusiasts of the automotive industry and its technologies: Car and Component Manufacturers, Engineering consultancies, Start-ups, SME-SMI, Precompetitive R&D clusters, Universities and Research Centres. Typical of any learned society, the SIA’s goal is to encourage the development and knowledge sharing by engineers, managers and technicians of French or French-based companies and major groups in the automotive sector and mobility of the future.

Altair will be present at SIA Event and ready to answer all questions and give explanations about work that has been carried out in the past between Altair and Elaphe in terms of software development process and advanced simulations. This cooperation between companies has been representative in many ways, with successful work carried-out with Altair’s tool Flux, where we proved this is a great tool to design and to optimise our advanced power-train. While showing a prototype of Elaphe in-wheel motor, Altair will be happy to hand out the story and show a pull-up banner with some more information about the use case.