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Next to in-wheel motors, the Elaphe distributed drive architecture consists of other important elements of the powertrain platform, such as inverters (motor controllers) and vehicle powertrain controls. All these devices and functional software together create a system that is subject to Functional Safety Assurance.

By creating the enabling technologies that allow the use of advanced control algorithms for vehicle motion control and safety features, Elaphe has more than a decade of experience providing advanced software solutions to the industry. These are applied across the system in products such as motor controllers (inverters) and the vehicle propulsion control unit (Elaphe PCU).

This whitepaper looks at the standards and processes that are required to enable effective and safe vehicle performance, control, and additional driving functionalities.

Download the whitepaper to learn more on how ISO26262 -“Road vehicles – Functional safety” standard, Automotive SPICE quality assurance processes, Hazard and Operability Analysis (HAZOP) and more, apply to the development of in-wheel and other distributed drive propulsion systems.