Elaphe Propulsion Technologies Ltd. believes in wheels so strongly that they spin themselves, without any external forces or transmission, just by the cleanest source of energy – electricity.

In early human history most of the vehicles didn’t even have motors aboard, they were either pulled or moved in a different way.

Later, with the invention of steam engine, engines were built in locomotives and some of the road vehicles. With further inventions and hard work a more compact internal combustion engines found their place in most of the vehicles.

As a logical next step, with latest innovations, the motors are getting closer and closer to the place where they are required – in the wheel itself. READ MORE


Ljubljana (8629147956) IMGP4797-Edit
 An ancient wheel dating back 3300 B.C.  Elaphe direct drive in-wheel motor


Delivering thousands of Nm of torque in the wheel right where it grips the road, Elaphe propulsion system saves substantial amount of energy by eliminating all transmission components,  saves space for convenience of the passengers, sets new standards in terms of traction by independent control of individual wheel and delivers much joy to the driver.

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