Elaphe Propulsion Technologies Ltd.  is presenting its in-wheel powertrain platform for the next generation of autonomous and connected mobility at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 in Las Vegas, NV, USA.

As a pioneer in the development of in-wheel propulsion systems, Elaphe not only designs and manufactures in-wheel electric motors, but provides a full solution combined with power electronics and propulsion control. Advanced software features and complete control over individual wheels make Elaphe’s in-wheel propulsion platform the ideal powertrain platform for the next generation of autonomous and connected electric vehicles.

In-wheel is the ultimate propulsion platform – it enables autonomous technology companies and the whole automotive industry to really innovate and focus on safety and user experience & forever change the next generation of connected and autonomous electric mobility.
The animation was developed in cooperation with Tronog 3D visualization studio (www.tronog.com).

By redefining the vehicles of tomorrow and enabling vehicle designers to make them smaller, more spacious, safer and more fun to drive, in-wheel technology is set to disrupt the century-old
look and feel of the car.
Elaphe will be presenting its in-wheel technology in Tech East, at the Westgate, Booth 1519.