Elaphe reconfirmed as industry board member of the European Green Vehicles Initiative, the leading EU partnership between the European Comission and the private sector (EGVIA) promoting green vehicles and mobility system solutions in Europe.

Elaphe is proud to be part of the industry board members, as one of key representatives promoting innovation and bold industry leadership. As industry pioneers and active partners of the automotive giants we are motivated to represent the interests of the new generation of automotive companies, that are creating viable solutions and ideas to create a better tomorrow for all.

In its essence, the European green vehicle initiative is an European public-private partnership joining European government bodies, the automotive industry and research objectives , all dedicated to fostering an environment focused on delivering green vehicles and mobility systems that address major societal, environmental and economic challenges of EU.

It is one of the rare possibilities for the industry (large OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers, technology providers) to cooperate, share visions and shape the future of the European development roadmap by suggesting viable research topics for public funding and collaborating with the European Commission for the implementation of programmes.

As Chairman of EGVI Mr. Naubergauer, BMW Group, said:

We are by no doubt facing a fundamental change in transport and EGVI is focused to bring new developments for digital and decarbonized transport for the benefit of society.