Some inspiration for the road forward for #Daimler , #Geely and the #SMART brand. Released yesterday by AKKA and Bertone design, powered by Elaphe in-wheel motors. A true 4WD all-electric SMART ForTwo muscle car .

The Smart Bertone show racecar has been developed by a team of young, international and multidisciplinary AKKA engineers in collaboration with Elaphe and KW Suspensions. This exciting project brings together the best of automotive know-how from Germany, France, Italy and Slovenia. Among the innovations of the Smart Bertone, we have integrated a unique powertrain and developed a high-performance battery that have provided us with key insights for the benefit of clients. The Smart Bertone embodies AKKA’s entrepreneurial and can-do spirit that has allowed us to bring a number of innovations to life throughout AKKA’s history.

AKKA Smart Bertone AWD all-electric show racecar, powered by high-torque, high-power in-wheel motors inside the wheels.

Smart Bertone Highlights:
• High performance battery
• In-wheel electric motors
• 280HP motor power
• 0-100 km/h – 5,2s
• 2300 Nm torque in the wheels



Smart Bertone Partners
• AKKA: Project leader, powertrain design, powertrain integration, vehicle design, styling, etc.

• Elaphe: Partners & Experts for the powerful In-Wheel Motors and mulitple-motor powertrain control

• KW: Partners & Experts for the suspension design and calibration.

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