Elaphe Propulsion Technologies joins the EPoSS Initiative


Elaphe Propulsion Technologies is a member of EPoSS, an industry-driven initiative defining R&D and innovation needs as well as policy requirements related to Smart Systems Integration and Integrated Micro- and Nano systems.

Cooperating with all key public and private players in the automotive, manufacturing and IOT Smart systems area, Elaphe is dedicated to contribute to the EU growth strategy. With our unique knowledge and experience of bringing advanced in-wheel technology through the complete product cycle we are helping the creation of a smart, sustainable and inclusive EU economy.

Multiple in-wheel propulsion is enabling new opportunities for greater inter-connectivity and innovations in the artificial intelligence and machine learning domain, both within the system itself and of the system as a whole, on a vehicle and production processes level. AI in manufacturing enables bridging the gap towards scalable and efficient mass production. It’s application in the vehicle itself makes it safer, smarter and more fun to drive. Electric vehicles offer high potential for IoT since the philosophy behind them is closer much closer to ICT than that of fossil-fuel-powered vehicles.

With that in mind, the Elaphe team is bringing in-wheel propulsion technology to yet another level and is looking forward to support advanced vehicle manufacturers, who are disrupting the world of vehicles that we know today.