As a pioneer of new EV propulsion architectures based on multiple-wheel drive, Elaphe is joining the MIH Alliance, an open EV platform, uniting market enablers.

The Foxconn-initiated MIH Consortium is bringing together strategic partners like Elaphe together from across the automotive industry to build the next generation of electric vehicles, autonomous driving, and mobility service applications.

The community of leaders is, therefore, taking on the challenge of disrupting the current vehicle market.

As a developer of in-wheel technology, coupling in-wheel motors with advanced software solutions, Elaphe fits in the mix for its innovativeness, potential and global technology application.

The concept of Harmony has been a long-time guideline of Elaphe’s mission, and we continue with this tradition by joining a forward-looking initiative to promote and deliver effective, efficient, reliable and optimized EV propulsion solutions.

In-wheel motor design no longer limits the possibilities. It opens up opportunities for new vehicle designs, new mission profiles of the vehicles and better utilization of user needs for overall greater differentiation of vehicle producers in the market. Working towards the mass scale of in-wheel solutions, Elaphe aligned with the MIH’s network of strategic partners, leading in innovation.

Jack Cheng, the CEO of the Foxconn-initiated MIH Alliance, added;

“We are very excited to welcome Elaphe to the MIH family. Their pioneering platform of propulsion technologies based on multiple-wheel drive and in-wheel motors enables optimized vehicle mission design, and we welcome their contribution to the MIH objectives.”

As a member of MIH, Elaphe will drive the strategic direction in the automotive scope, accelerate innovation and influence the biggest trends in the mobility industry.

As Elaphe’s CEO, Gorazd Lampič noted on the topic:

»We were convinced by the consortiums’ objectives and the presence of fearless forward-looking companies (including several Elaphe customers, partners and suppliers). We see a lot of opportunities to contribute to the cause through our end-to-end ecosystem of key enabling and auxiliary technologies for the distributed drive, control software, know-how, and ready-for-use solutions.«

The decision of joining the MIH community is to use the in-wheel technology as a contributor to the greener and more sustainable transportation of tomorrow.

We are glad to have joined a momentum.