Elaphe unveils leading in-wheel propulsion solutions at The Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo Europe 2018 in Hannover, Germany.

Co-funded by the Republic of Slovenia and the EU from the European fund for regional development.

We had a blast at the largest EV technology expo in Europe. In-wheel technology was one of the highlights of this pioneering expo this year.

We hope you had the chance to drop by and come say hello. In case you missed it, we officially launched the second generation Elaphe™ L1500 in-wheel motor at the show. The turnout was overwhelming and it further strengthened our resolve to push this amazing technology into the mass market.

What about the conference?

Yeah, the conference was just amazing. With more than 6000 people visiting on the second day, the audience was great to talk to about the mobility industry (an industry, formerly know as the automotive industry Image result for tonguesmiley).

Elaphe keynote on Advancing Multiple-Motor Traction Powertrain with Intelligent Functionalities was extremely well-received. So well, in fact, that it kept our biz dev team fully occupied by the crowds at our booth.

Anything else interesting going on?

We hope you also had a chance to participate on any of the very superb panel discussions at the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Conference or at the Battery Show conference.

What caught our eye was also a very interesting session for direct-drive technology (in-wheel falls into this category) – Direct Drive vs Motor Transmission. We must commend the conference organizers, they really work hard to keep the topics very relevant to the industry. And we were very excited to share the our advancements with Thomas (Dana Corp.), Mihai (Eaton) and Joseph (UQM Tech.) and discuss the guts of different technologies and their relevance for the next generation of mobility.

So, what’s next?

We also hope you had the chance not to miss another interesting topic – the panel discussion on Design Opportunities and Challenges of Electric and Autonomous Vehicles, Connected and Automated Car and its Impact on EV Design.

Do give you a short rundown, in case you missed the talk – as panelists we gave our best to share our understanding of the impact of autonomous driving on EVs. We were, as alway, zealous to provide insight in the flexibility and retrofit considerations of today’s vehicles when designing cars, which will be required to be more autonomous in future. In fact, one of the things we were showing at the expo was our Propulsion Platform for the Next Generation of Mobility, and it’s a perfect fit for the modular, connected and autonomous applications which are inevitably on the way.

If you visited us this time or did not get the chance – no worries – see you at the next big event soon!

Elaphe se bo maja 2018 predstavil na sejmu ELECTRIC & HYBRID VEHICLE TECHNOLOGY EXPO EUROPE 2018 (Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition), ki poteka v Hannovru v Nemčiji. Dogodek predstavlja stičišče svetovne elektromobilne industrije. Elaphe želi s predstavitvijo doseči boljšo prepoznavnost, nove stike s potencialnimi strankami ter možnost srečanj z že obstoječimi strankami.
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