Technology meets history: The next generation of the Moke

At the Paris Mondial Motor Show, we’ve seen all matter of electric vehicles from Tesla and the big legacy carmakers, new ebikes that use new 21700 cells all the way down to Chinese scooters. But one big surprise for many of you was seeing the iconic Moke mini Jeep-like electric vehicles!

First of all, for those not familiar with the Mini ‘Moke’ (British slang for donkey), that iconic vehicle that looks like a dropped Willys Jeep rolling with Prius spare tires above is derived from a British post WW2 program to design a vehicle that could be parachuted in behind enemy lines. It gets its chassis and its name from the iconic Mini. But shockingly those toy wheels and subsequent ground clearance didn’t do great on or off war-torn roads, so their use in war was thankfully not to be.

But the quirky, inexpensive vehicle wasn’t dead yet. Just like the Jeep in the US, the Mini Moke saw post war popularity for its open air cabin and the all around simple fun it evoked.

Moke International continues with this passion in mind and Elaphe’s mission, as part of the team, is to stay true to the identity of MOKE, to think differently and go beyond the standard norms to bring the world the newest and most innovative technologies while keeping the MOKE fun and exciting.

A combination of electric drive from Elaphe that fits only inside the wheels with the battery technology from LiVEPro help us create the next evolution of the iconic MOKE for the 21st century.