Vice-president of the European Commission leading the Energy Union, Maroš Šefčovič, delivers uplifting speech at the largest European transport and energy conference, TEN-T Days. Emphasizes European high-technology achievements and exemplifies high-potential innovators in the region.

»It’s enough to look at cases like Elaphe, which is developing in-wheel electromagnetic motors. And I think that I saw them first time two years ago when I simply couldn’t understand how can you put the engine into the wheel. And now it is actually the concept which is extremely promising for most of the e-vehicle and car manufacturers and simply Slovenia was one of the countries that developed this concept.«

During his keynote at the conference on Energy transition as an opportunity for Slovenian economy, Commissioner Šefčovič spoke about ambition: »Another reason for which I’m looking forward to your contribution is this country’s clean-tech spirit. It is quite remarkable how a country so small can be so innovative, creating so many business opportunities within the energy transition. «

Elaphe propulsion Technologies, which has spent the last 15 years pioneering in-wheel propulsion systems based on underlying physics concepts, devised as far back as the end of the 1980’s, revealed their vision of a propulsion platform for the next generation of mobility at the conference.

As the automotive world is morphing into a mobility world, new solutions such as Elaphe’s platform will play a key role in enabling new modes of transport, to harness newly found potential for system improvements across a number of industries.

EU Commissioner visits Elaphe
EU Commissioner for Transport, Violeta Bulc, visits the Elaphe propulsion platform display at TEN-T Days conference.

Elaphe is focused on the future, to enable vehicle designers, and more importantly, mobility creators a fresh start with limitless possibilities. While the concept is far from new, Elaphe have brought the technology to a point where it’s being industrialized for mass production – making it commercially available to the industry in order to build on top of the platform.