Movement is at the heart of any city. Urban mobility faces significant challenges from two global megatrends: growing urbanisation and ageing population.

Successful integration of new mobility concepts into the urban transport system requires a clear understanding of the individual consumer needs.

Elaphe role, objectives & partners:

Elaphe is providing vehicle with in-wheel propulsion system and PCU and HMI for the specific project needs.  With this system, the vehicle can emphasise the benefits that are achieved due to the use of space efficient and performant in-wheel architecture.

Project aim is the integration of light electric vehicles into the heterogeneous urban transport systems.  Some of the important aspects are:

  • Interpret consumer needs for urban transportation in mature cities
  • Implement customer-oriented services and technologies for light-EVZ
  • Integrate high-technology, state-of-the-art contents into a new light-EV prototype vehicle
  • Demonstrate the wide range of light-EV topologies and services in four pilot cities
  • Understand how a city’s mobility system should evolve

The project is led by a consortium of partners, who are leading the cutting-edge research on providing the users a human-centric approach to mobility.

Project coordinator: INFINEON TECHNOLOGIES AG; Austria

GA Number: 769944

Project Start: 01.10.2017

Project End: 30.09.2020