Services and Engineering

You can count on a complete set of skills from first concept designs all the way to manufacturing, be it for electric e-traction motors, power electronics, ECUs and software, E/E systems, or vehicle integration.

Our processes are collaborative and tuned to deliver within time and budget – enabling fast and tangible results, just like the 50+ projects we successfully completed with leading OEM and Tier 1 partners.

Developing and producing custom powertrain solutions

We share with you the know-how, experience and the wins and losses from our journey towards becoming a world leader in the very specific, technically most challenging technology of direct-drive in-wheel electric propulsion systems.

You want to drive your powertrain project further with industry renowned expertise?

Elaphe experts will complement your team with specialized engineering skills and experience developed since the late 1980s through creating to the most challenging technical designs.

Feasibility and concept studies

We will apply our wealth of knowledge through state-of-the-art proprietary tools to assess relevant aspects of the application and propose solutions within 1-3 months.

Whether it is the integration of our technology with your application or the development of a custom powertrain or platform, results of our studies are comprehensive and they will serve as a well-balanced base to enable you to make sound commercial and technical decisions.

That is why where our feasibility ends, it facilitates a smooth transition to follow-up activities like R&D or production of the concept, supporting stringent project timelines with a clear focus on efficiency of execution.

3D Modelling and Computer Aided Engineering (CAE)

Your custom powertrain components can be fully developed and optimized with our in-house engineering capabilities.

Control Electronics Design and Validation

New paradigms and endless innovations in electric propulsion require state-of-the-art solutions in both hardware and software. Through vast experience in electronics design and excellent partner network ranging from component suppliers to print-to-build manufacturers, Elaphe is able to support you in design and validation of customized solutions for application-specific requirements. Alternatively, our partners and customers are able to take advantage of our already developed modular, state-of-the-art ECU and monitoring solutions to cover their functional needs for proof-of-concept projects, vehicle prototypes, demonstrators, validation vehicles and pre-development.

Control systems engineering - Motor- and Vehicle-level

We are here to make sure your application lives up to its potential – delivering all desired functionalities. Our expertise in high-quality, functional prototype powertrain systems engineering is a constant well of knowledge used to design and implement your single- and multiple-motor control strategy. Starting from your functional requirements, our team of experts will tirelessly work realizing control functions on our advanced hardware solutions, to support your application out-of-the-box. Starting from algorithms shaping your vehicle dynamic behavior, such as torque vectoring, traction control and brake blending strategies, all the way to advanced powertrain functions, such as skid steering, crip control and critical grip determination, as well as active management of powertrain (and vehicle) NVH spectra.

Testing & Validation

As part of our mission to bring the in-wheel technology to the automotive realm we have co-authored international and national standards, as well as created even stricter internal standards. Our experience in setting product requirements, design and implementation of custom advanced test benches, and a decade of OEM-level validation activities will be at your disposal for testing and validating your products or technology.


Making sure that what you develop can be manufactured, is optimized for efficient production, and the manufacturing is well planned is part of our job. Our know-how in developing products for niche, low-volume and mass market manufacturing is something we strive to share with our partners and customers. By supporting your product development, tooling design and manufacturing/assembly process development with our experience and a strong technology network, we provide you with a smooth path to efficient production planning, start of manufacturing and production ramp up. 

We encourage you to exploit our team’s strong E-powertrain material and supply chain know-how as well as expertise in E-motor production technologies. Inquire now to see how we can help you reach your market faster, smarter and in-budget.