In-wheel skateboard enables better and smarter EVs

Design freedom

By removing design constrains and freeing up to 300 litres of chassis space vehicles can be built better, smarter and cost-effective.

Vehicle dynamics

Fully software defined control of each wheel at 15-times the speed of any alternative powertrain delivers unprecidented performance, safety and comfort potential.

Longer range

More efficient vehicle designs and reduced powertrain losses enable 36% of added range with the same size battery pack.

Scalable and modular

True skateboard with scalable direct drive powertrain up to 400 kW per wheel.

Technology features

Sub-milisecond wheel response time from command to action

Lowest inertia with torque bandwidth 400Nm/ms

95% battery to wheel efficiency

Up to 400 kW / 3000 Nm /2700 RPM per wheel

Fits conventional brake and bearing design

Scalable and validated system