Sustainability is also about delivering more with less!
More function, features, range space and performance with fewer components, natural resources, less energy and pollution. In the realm of EVs, it’s not about adding more hardware but about refining the architecture, polishing components, and fostering the evolution of algorithms, software, and functionalities.
It is important to note, that such purification process requires much more efforts than just adding stuff, so acceptance and efforts of many entities and experts are required to accomplish it. But this is the way to both sustainability and competitiveness.

Technology features

Freedom of

By removing design constrains and freeing up to 300 litres of chassis space vehicles can be built better, smarter and cost-effective.

Technology features

Vehicle dynamics

Fully software defined control of each wheel at 20-times the speed of any alternative powertrain delivers unprecidented performance, safety and comfort potential.

Sub-milisecond wheel response time from command to action
Lowest inertia with torque bandwidth 500Nm/ms

Technology features


More efficient vehicle designs and reduced powertrain losses enable 36% of added range with the same size battery pack.

95% battery to wheel efficiency

Technology features

Scalable and

True skateboard with scalable direct drive powertrain up to 400 kW per wheel.

Up to 400 kW / 4000 Nm /3000 RPM per wheel
Fits conventional brake and bearing design

Technology enablers




Scalable and validated system