Our Why


To create the technology for the ultimate mobility experience for a sustainable future.


Enabling the highest safety, comfort and range of Electric Vehicles through structured knowledge and innovation.


To pioneer and deliver cutting-edge, seamlessly integrable direct drive multiple wheel electric powertrain and predictive motion control solutions that empower automotive designers and engineers to reimagine vehicle architecture that delivers unparalleled safety, efficiency and driving experiences for a rapidly evolving world. Our approach is with a knowledge-based automotive mindset.


Elaphe technology stems from the work of Andrej Detela, a world-class quantum physicist, who began investigating in-wheel motor solutions already back in the 1980s.

Andrej Detela and Gorazd Lampič, Elaphe founder and CEO, joined forces in 2003 and founded Elaphe three years later.

Elaphe has since invested heavily in numerous development areas, continually expanding its know-how and maturity of products.

Major areas of investment have been in the development of custom in-wheel motors, proprietary control hardware and software (Elaphe Propulsion Control Unit – PCU, controllers), with the purpose to create the technology for the ultimate mobility experience for a sustainable future.

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We are passionate about solving meaningful challenges.

We are pursued with bold ideas and a true desire to make an impact.

We are Elaphe, a team with the longest track record of in-wheel system development and delivery.

Our guiding principles

Content and truth

We make our decision based on truth, we are transparent in our communication and we validate our results.

Holistic approach

We don’t take shortcuts, we focus on the bigger and long-term picture, and we look at things from every perspective.

Proactive stance

We take matters into our own hands, push where we need to, lead the way or create it where there is none.


We are passionate about the automotive world and are moving the boundaries in mobility.

The success of Elaphe rests on the shoulders of an enthusiastic team driven by the entrepreneurial spirit and ambition for growth.

We believe in open communication, fast decisions and lean processes. Diversity and equality are enabling us to create influential growth by respecting and considering all good ideas, regardless of where they originate. We test innovative and trendsetting ideas with the approach of a start-up mentality and always strive for improvement.

If you recognize your purpose in our calling – we are looking forward to greeting you as a member of the Elaphe team.

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