When: 25. April – 4. May, 2018

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Beijing, China at the International Exhibition Center New Venue and China International Exhibition Center Old Venue

APG-Elaphe Propulsion Technologies: Stand 1A121 (Exhibition Center Old Venue, April 25-29, 2018)
Holomatic/ICONA – Stand E34A05 (Exhibition Center New Venue, April 25- May 4, 2018)

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Welcome to one of the largest Automotive exhibitions in the largest automotive market in the world.

Since its inception in 1990, Auto China has been held in Beijing every even year. So far it has been successfully held 14 times, becoming the most influential automotive exhibition worldwide. With great brand value in the automotive industry, it builds an effective platform for the display, release and trade of the world famous auto brands, which also provides an important opportunity to the interaction of auto industries at home and abroad.

Steering To A New Era
This is the theme of Auto China 2018. Under the background of a series of accelerated combinations between innovative technology and auto industry, such as the application of new generation of information and communication technology, the research and development of new energy, the wide use of new materials and the rapid development of artificial intelligence etc., traditional automotive industry is confronting unprecedented opportunities and challenges.

Enormous industrial reform also has spawned new automobile civilization and ideology. The intelligent, digitized and electric vehicles have been transferred from concept to practical application, which completely reshaped the competition pattern. Auto China 2018 will be a perfect interpretation of today’s auto industry driven by the revolution of science and technology.