The Managers’ Association of Slovenia, which strives for the protection and progress of the management profession and good management practices in Slovenia, holds an annual event in which they name the best young manager of the past year among 24 nominees and later on, three finalists. The voting committee, comprised of numerous successful managers of international companies, takes into account numerous businesses, cultural and management style aspects along with employee evaluations of their respective companies to vote for the best young manager of the year.

Among this year’s finalists were the managing director of Odelo Slovenia, Davorin Dobočnik, general manager of Lidl Slovenia, Gregor Kosi and founder/CEO of Elaphe Propulsion Technologies, Gorazd Lampic. The comittee awarded the high honor to Gorazd Lampic with the most votes, naming Elaphe CEO the young manager of 2016.

“I see ambition and global thinking as an important element of how we got to this point and how to continue in the right direction. We must set an example that something meaningful can be achieved, even if it presents an exceptionally difficult technical and business challenge.” states Mr. Lampic. “First and foremost, you must rely on bright and ingenious coworkers, and nurture good relationships within the company to establish a great working environment.” he added.

We’re extremely proud and honored to be part of the amazing Elaphe team and congratulate our chief executive optimist for this achievement.