LEITNER, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ropeway systems, and Elaphe Propulsion Technologies Ltd. are working together on the Connx vehicle, a hybrid solution, connecting the ropeway system with ground support.

In February, we made the collaboration public and during this time, major steps towards market readiness were made, especially in terms of intensive testing and development.

The progress is a positive sign and supports the ambitious goal of making the patented system ready for the market as a future model for urban transport in the next two years.

LEITNER uses a direct-drive motor to drive the ropeway and Elaphe uses a small-size direct-drive motor for the rolling chassis to drive the gondola once decoupled from the ropeway.

It is a natural expansion for LEITNER and an interesting application for direct-drive in-wheel motors with the opportunity for complete propulsion and rolling system testing and validation in a controlled operating environment.

Among many new ideas for new mobility solutions, this is the one that makes sense – and we are glad to work with LEITNER in electrifying urban mobility.