In-wheel motor technology, cost-benefit-analysis and new torque-vectoring controller

City logistic is one of the most polluting segments of the transport sector and commercial vehicles
generate much more noise than passenger cars. The ultimate goal of SYS2WHEEL project is to develop
sustainable city logistics and improve mobility, accessibility and quality of life. One of the outcomes
is a retrofitted Fiat Doblo delivery van with in-wheel motors from  Elaphe Propulsion Technologies.

12 international project partners are committed to achieve three main objectives:

  • Reducing cost in mass production by at least 20% through components becoming obsolete and through reduction of wiring costs.
  • Increasing powertrain efficiency by improved e-motor winding, advanced rare-earth magnets, reduced powertrain rotation parts, reduced losses, advanced control and weight reduction.
  • Increased affordability and user-friendliness by enhanced modularity and packaging. Space saving approaches in Sys2wheel lead to more freedom for batteries, cargo and drivers.

In the first year of the project, one major achievement was the development of requirements covering the wide range of different
electric powertrains. It’s the basis for the next steps, especially the basic simulation and tool development, where
development of controls and virtual validation of solutions will be carried out.

A major challenge for the upcoming months is the development of the different powertrains and its components, thermal
management, NVH investigations and advanced control fulfilling the different requirements for  2 main approaches for electric
driving in a fleet application (in-wheel motor and e-axle).

Have a look at the first year complete report to see more details on the project and achievements of the consortium so far.