Elaphe has been confirmed as member of European Green Vehicle Initiative (EGVI)

As transport is becoming smarter, greener and more integrated, we at Elaphe Propulsion Technologies are working really hard to bring about the best technology for next generation of Green Vehicles. By imitating nature and putting motors right where they are needed, the in-wheel technology is the one truly disruptive technology which is bringing new possibilities in how the next generation of electric vehicles is designed, manufactured and operated. Eliminating most mechanical parts not only increases the propulsion efficiency but enables a light, simple and modular architecture for easy introduction of new user-centered, fully integrated vehicles. Applied artificial intelligence coupled with increased control possibilities and freedom of design opens up a new playing field for autonomous vehicle application.

Elaphe Propulsion Technologies has a rich history and experience with EU funded projects (e.g. COSIVU, STABLE, EU-LIVE, SILVERSTREAM, The PRODRIVE project, etc.) mostly in the fields of the development, production and testing of propulsion components for different electric vehicles, but at the same time demonstrating the benefits of those products in pilot projects. European funded projects are seen as important for strengthening collaboration within the industry, showcasing benefits of disruptive in-wheel technology on a wide range of vehicles – from pure electric to hybrid – light urban to heavy duty – and co-creating the vehicles of tomorrow.

As part of the vision to bring in-wheel technology to the electrified vehicle mass market, Elaphe Propulsion Technologies has become a member of the European Green Vehicle Initiative (EGVI), a public private partnership, consisting of automotive industry, research and associated members and various Directorates Generals of the European Commission. The EGVI association’s main responsibility is partner collaboration to identify research and innovation activities to be proposed for financial support under Horizon 2020 – the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, focusing on energy efficiency of vehicles and alternative powertrains.