HiEFFICIENT project stands for “Highly EFFICIENT and reliable electric drivetrains based on modular, intelligent and highly integrated wide band gap power electronics modules”.

Within the project, partners will develop the next generation of wide bandgap semiconductors (WBG) in the area of smart mobility.

To boost this development and the market introduction in automotive applications, HiEFFICIENT partners have set ambitious goals to gain higher acceptance and achieve the maximum benefit in using WBG semiconductors such as:

1.) Reduction in Volume of 40%, by means of integration on all levels (component-, subsystem- and system level),

2.) Increase efficiency beyond 98%, while reducing losses of up to 50%,

3.) Increase reliability of wide band-gap power electronic system to ensure a lifetime improvement of up to 20%.

Elaphe role, objectives & partners:

With very specific know-how in the field of electric motor control and multiple motor control, Elaphe will be able to provide software for high-switching frequency power electronics.

Multiphase motor control algorithms will be further developed for high switching frequencies and application in different advanced engineering projects.

Project coordinator: AVL LIST GMBH

GA number: 101007281

Project start date: 01.05.2021

Project end date: 30.04.2024

Project Co-funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020