The iRel4.0 project brings together world-leading experts and European manufacturing expertise to generate a sustainable community working on the reliability of the whole value chain of the Electronic Components and Systems (ECS) industry – from the wafer to the chip and the packaging and finally to the system – an electric vehicle architecture with an in-wheel distributed powertrain.

In the scope of 3 years (2020 to 2023) the partners will work on 6 technical packages along the value chain (WP1-WP6). Firstly, the focus will be on specifications and requirements (WP1) and later on, on the modelling, simulation, materials and interfaces based on test vehicles (WP2, WP3).

WP4 will apply the test vehicle knowledge to industrial pilots related to production, while WP5 and WP6 will be centred around industry use cases. The project is coordinated by Infineon Technologies AG, a leader in semiconductor solutions, with a goal for a project to significantly reduce failure rates of the electronic components.

The iRel4.0 project contributes to the development of innovative electronic solutions for the future. By creating a community of 79 partners from 14 European countries, the partners have a great opportunity for networking and sharing each other’s best engineering practices to assure stable, reliable engineering solutions for the greater good – the people and the planet.

Elaphe’s role

Elaphe’s role is in the evaluation of the in-wheel powertrain and related electronic solutions with predictive health monitoring to estimate the remaining life of in-wheel motors or complete system (including data from BMS) by combining data from propulsion control with different sensory data and motor test data to identify early failure indicators.

A smart condition monitoring system is crucial for assessing and maximizing the reliability of the in-wheel solution beyond industry standards. Therefore, Elaphe is the enabler of the development and implementation of artificial intelligence methods and algorithms to identify critical parameters with an impact on reliability for automotive components.

General information

Interested in the iRel40 project in more detail? More about the project can be found here:

Project coordinator: Infineon Technologies AG

GA number: 876659

Project start date: 01.05.2020

Project end date: 30.4.2023

Project Co-funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020