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Unique and patented winding topology enables Elaphe motors to be one step ahead of competition.

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Radical innovations and thoughtful design all made and tested according to ISO 6469-3, IEEE-43-2000, IEC 60664, IEC 60034-1, IEC 60034-9, IEC 60349-4, ECE Regulation No. 10, Revision 5

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Flexibility exploitation is the most obvious advantage of every SME. Elaphe goes one step further with rapid design based on internally developed dedicated softwear.

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Motivated young engineers with clear mission statement: »Turning things around!«

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2014-10-21 12warm

Elaphe eCarTec2014

Elaphe took part on the Munich’s largest fair of electric vehicles eCarTec 2014, presenting the Smart 3G motor to the visitors, existing and possible future partners. Being the only in-wheel motor for passenger cars and turning, it attracted a lot of attention. As it always does.

Driving in fully electric mode already surpasses the original performance - together with the ICE its a seat gripping experience

Elaphe Directus – Useful and fun

In the scope of a EU Framework Programme 7 project COSIVU, Elaphe team has developed powerful direct drive motors, intended for demanding applications. A real life experience is better than anything, so we used two of them in a family VW Sharan van, in the process converting it into a[…]

Cross country with in-wheel, turning things (and heads) around

Cross country with in-wheel

Our test Smart is not only a good choice for in-city driving, but is also a fun option for a cross country trip through the beautifully scenic Slovenia. We have now gotten used to turning heads as we go through villages and cities with our in-wheel powered pet. A company[…]

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