Unique and patented winding topology enables Elaphe motors to be one step ahead of competition.

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Radical innovations and thoughtful design all made and tested according to ISO 6469-3, IEEE-43-2000, IEC 60664, IEC 60034-1, IEC 60034-9, IEC 60349-4, ECE Regulation No. 10, Revision 5.

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Flexibility exploitation is the most obvious advantage of every SME. Elaphe goes one step further with rapid design based on internally developed dedicated softwear.

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Motivated young engineers with clear mission statement: »Turning things around!«

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Elaphe at eCarTec 2015

Elaphe Propulsion Technologies is exhibiting at the world’s largest B2B trade fair for electric&hybrid mobility, eCarTec Munich 2015. Elaphe is presenting advanced in-wheel motor propulsion. You can see rear axle in-wheel motor set (two Elaphe M700 motors with 75kW peak power weighting only 23 kg), a heavy duty in-wheel motor[…]


Learning from History

Statistics show interesting facts – for example, in the US people on average spend 4.3 years in their cars over the course of their lives [source: Distractify]. Another study shows that people spend 15 hours per week in their vehicles on average [source: Arbitron]. Reducing this time is the task of various[…]


Elaphe a member of Silverstream consortium

Invitation and Concept: Umbrella Project Kick-off “Next level of Electro-Mobility”   9th of June, 2015, Brussels / BE   Concept of the Umbrella Kick-off event   In the context of the Umbrella Project Kick-off, the funded research projects 3Ccar, OSEM-EV and SilverStream will present their vision concerning the “Next level of[…]


Press Conference – Project Launch EU-LIVE

Urban mobility currently is facing significant changes: More space for people and less space for cars is needed, urban transportation gets more and more multimodal, user behaviour shifts from own to use, and the need for resource saving, environmentally compatible vehicle concepts is rising. In this situation, motor vehicles in the L-category[…]


The wheel is being reinvented after more than 5000 years!

Elaphe Propulsion Technologies believe in wheels so strongly that they spin themselves, without any external forces or transmision, just by the cleanest source of energy – electricity. In early human history most of the vehicles didn’t even have motors aboard, they were either pulled or moved in a different way.[…]

Ardenner World premiere – A revolution on all terrains.

The Interalpin 2015 show featured a World premiere of a revolutionary new all-terrain vehicle Ardenner by Mattro. The Elaphe M-Type powered electric tracked vehicle is showing new ways for all-terrain vehicles through versatile applications and a chassis that fully utilizes the use of electric power. A revolution of ATV´s and snowmobiles. Making us ask the[…]

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