Elaphe In-wheel electronic propulsion technology

Photo gallery from EVS 27

The Elaphe  display stand was one of the most exciting things to see at EVS 27. See the gallery from the event below:  

CEO speaks at TEDx

Our CEO, Gorazd Lampič speaks at the TEDx event in Ljubljana. Watch this interesting and inspiring video below:

Elaphe at EVS 27 in Barcelona

Elaphe Propulsion Technologies is present at the Electric vehicle symposium 27 from 17-20. Nov 2013. EVS is the largest and the most acknowledged symposium on electric mobility in the world. The world’s leading and established as well as smaller and emerging companies in the field of  electric mobility are presenting the latest developments and  newest […]

Succesful end of 2010 for Elaphe

Recent success both on the European Venture Summit in Dusseldorf and EEVC’10 venture competition in Barcelona, show that the large potential and direction of our venture is recognized Europe-wide. Making it amongst the 8 winners in Cleantech section of the EVS and finally placing as the second runner up according to the EEVC jury, is […]

Intel Challenge 2010 EU finalist

We were successful in every category of the competition and therefore advanced to the finale for the EU part of the competition. Next we will be presenting our company in person in Budapest.