EM-TECH stand for “Innovative e-motor technologies covering e-axles and e-corners vehicle architectures for high-efficient and sustainable e-mobility.”

The project brings together 10 participants from industry and academia to develop novel solutions to push the boundaries of electric machine technology for automotive traction, through:

  1. innovative direct and active cooling designs;
  2. virtual sensing functionalities for the high-fidelity real-time estimation of the operating condition of the machine;
  3. enhanced machine control, bringing reduced design and operating conservativeness
  4. electric gearing to provide enhanced operational flexibility and energy efficiency;
  5. digital twin-based optimisation, embedding systematic consideration of Life Cycle Analysis and Life Cycle Costing aspects since the early design stages; and
  6. adoption of recycled permanent magnets and circularity solutions.

The proposed innovations will be implemented in new series of radial flux direct drive in-wheel motors characterised by so far unexplored levels of torque density (>150 Nm/litre, >50 Nm/kg), and on-board single stator double rotor type ironless axial flux machines providing power density and specific power levels in excess of 30 kW/litre and 10 kW/kg. The solutions will address both passenger car and van applications (continuous power levels of 50 kW – 120 kW), providing competitive costs (<6 Euro/kg for a production of 100000 units/year), and leading to significant reduction of motor energy loss during real vehicle operation (>25%), and to >60% decrease of the rare earth content, including implementation of magnet recycling solutions. EM-TECH obtained the support of several car makers (AUDI and Changan UK), which will strengthen the exploitation strategy. EMTECH will further directly contribute to the relevant European Destination and KSO C and A, by supporting the establishment of a European leadership in the sector of key digital, enabling, and emerging technologies, and the development of the respective value chains.

Elaphe’s role

Elaphe will support activities to define technical requirements for the electric motors and integrated systems, and LCA planning will generate the detailed models and digital twins of the respective devices and systems. Further will also design a new direct drive motor, that will allow the most efficient use of the e-gear, while maintaining the required torque density of an in-wheel motor. During the project will actively contribute to other activities with its expertise.


EM-TECH is a Research and Innovation Action with main objectives focused on:

  • Objective 1: Radial flux in-wheel motor (IWM) and drive technologies for high torque density, efficiency, dynamic response, and implementation flexibility of e-corners
  • Objective 2: On-board axial flux motor (AFM) and drive technologies for high power density and efficiency, and reduced implementation cost
  • Objective 3: Innovative and smart design solutions for increasing the performance and reducing the life cycle impact of the EM-TECH radial and axial flux machines
  • Objective 4: Circularity solutions for in-wheel and on-board motor technologies
  • Objective 5: Digital twinning for electric machine performance and circularity optimisation


General information

Project coordinator: AVL List Gmbh

Partners: University Of Surrey, Technische Universitaet Ilmenau, University Of Bath, Politecnico Di Torino, Elaphe Pogonske Tehnologije d.o.o., Vaionic Technologies Gmbh, Ideas & Motion Srl, Urbangold Gmbh, Armengaud Innovate Gmbh

GA number: 101096083

Project start date: 1.1.2023

Project end date: 31.12.2025